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Therapy and Wellness Services to increase quality of life.

Therapy and Wellness Connection is a one of a kind holistic therapy company that offers speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, and wellness services. We strive to provide the highest quality therapy and educational services catering to the pediatric, adult, geriatric population and their families. Our mission is to provide our patients with an opportunity to achieve total wellness using a caring, educational, evidence based, and multi-disciplinary approach. Through Occupational, Behavioral and Speech Therapy, we treat, help educate and provide the necessary tools for our patients, instilling hope and inspiring confidence to help them be their best!


Each of us at Therapy and Wellness Connection LLC believe that we have chosen a rewarding profession and feel fortunate that you have chosen us to help guide you to better total wellness.

As we begin down this path together, you can rest assured, you are dealing with the best. You or your loved one will be in the hands of a staff who share a passion for this practice as well as an appreciation for the opportunity to positively affect lives on a daily basis.


Our team is comprised of individuals who go above and beyond the current standards. Therapy and Wellness Connection LLC requires that all staff continue learning and growing just as our patients do.

This strong belief in continued education is fueled by the ever-changing methodologies used in our field. We take great pride in staying current in the hopes that we may have a lasting, positive impact on the future of our specialties.


We are committed to our practice, to those we care for and their families, as well as those whose lives we touch and touch ours in return. We also pride ourselves in our continuous commitment to being a positive force in our community.

Commitment is one of the core values of Therapy and Wellness Connection. Following our heart and our passion has brought us here, and our dedication to those who we serve will help get them to where they want to be.

Service Delivery

Therapy and Wellness Connection offers both in home and in office services. In home services will include a time and travel fee and will provide services in the areas of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Medina, Portage, and Summit counties.

In-home Therapy Services

An important option that Therapy and Wellness Connection offers is its in-home therapy service. There are many hardships and sacrifices one must make that come with a child or adult with a disability. With in-home visits, some of the inconvenience is taken off the caregivers, as our team drives to a client’s home or school for the therapy session. This saves the family time, energy, and money, since it is likely that they are burdened with visiting many different therapists throughout the course of each week.

General Wellness Services

Therapy and Wellness Connection aims encompass the whole person as well as the whole family. Caregivers rarely have the opportunity to get away and do something for themselves. We aim to not only treat the patient but the caregiver as well. We realize the demands can be overwhelming at times and it is important to maintain a healthy balanced life. We offer relaxing and pampering services as well as a comfortable environment for the caregivers while they wait for the patient. These services include but are not limited to massage, facials, waxing, and paraffin hand treatments.

Co –Treatment

Therapy and wellness Connection offers a cotreatment model with multiple disciplines. There are endless benefits to co-treatment therapy sessions. Co-treatments are sessions conducted with 2 or more therapists/disciplines to maximize therapeutic collaboration. At Therapy and Wellness Connection, co-treatments will be performed when therapeutic goals are similar or complimentary. The benefits can be meaningful and increase functional gains.

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