Therapy and Wellness Connection is a leading, innovative provider of Cleveland speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavior therapy, individualized education and supplemental support services for children and young adults with a broad range of delays, disorders and disabilities.

We empower differently-abled children and young adults with a fresh approach to therapy and learning. Rooted in evidence-based science, we prioritize results-driven therapy through interdisciplinary collaboration and relevant, real-world practice. We also believe our lessons should adapt to the student – not the other way around.

Our Cleveland speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, ABA therapy and individualized educational services are all uniquely-tailored for the purpose of helping clients attain critical function and confidence, make interpersonal connections and achieve maximum independence. Therapists work closely with one another, parents, schools and employers to set the stage for long-term success.

Among the many reasons Therapy and Wellness Connection is the top choice for Cleveland therapy for children with disabilities is that we prioritize a team model. Most of our clients receive assistance from therapists in multiple specialties and we want everyone on the same page.

Our state-of-the-art Brecksville therapy clinic welcomes clients of all ages and disabilities with skill-appropriate therapy tools, including a gym, sensory rooms, classrooms and more. However, we don’t confine therapists to a single setting. We extend therapy services to clients’ homes, schools, workplaces, on recreational outings or anywhere there is a need for practical application of skill. We also offer teletherapy and online education, social groups and more.

Our Services

Therapy and Wellness Connection services include:

One-on-one speech therapy

Occupational therapy, physical therapy and ABA therapy, in clinic or outside settings. We also offer teletherapy. 

Groups & Co-treatment

Clients receive the benefit of two or more therapists from multiple disciplines focusing all efforts on one person.

Thrive Summer Camp

Inclusive of both children with disabilities and siblings/peers who are typically-developing.


Therapeutic home school and individualized education services tailored to the unique needs of each patient/student.

Extracurricular & Life Skills

Tutoring for reading, math, handwriting and more. Before and after care. General wellness services. Vocational skills training.

Nanny, Sitter & Nursing Referrals

We're proud to refer our patients to the Bell Family Company for nanny, sitter, nurse & home manager services. 

The mark for individual goals varies, though we believe in development of skills to build lives.

Patients We’re Privileged to Serve:

Therapy and Wellness Connection clients in Cleveland, Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Akron and surrounding areas are children and young adults with varying degrees of cognitive, physical, social, emotional, sensory, behavioral or functional challenges.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Down Syndrome

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)


Social Pragmatic Disorder

Speech Delays

Language Disorders

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Intellectual Impairments

Anxiety Disorders


Traumatic Injuries

Not every client has a diagnosis. Some are working to overcome trouble in one area, such as handwriting or reading. Others come to us as young as 18 months with numerous challenges, and we work with them and their families through their formative years and beyond. We consider every client part of our Therapy and Wellness Connection family.We’re dedicated to delivering daily on our commitment to first-rate SP, OT, PT and ABA therapies, as well as individualized education services and support for young adults and children with disabilities.

Patient retention at Therapy and Wellness Connection is higher-than-average. We attribute this to the effectiveness of our approach, as well as the personal devotion of every team member. People walk in feeling welcome – and stay because efforts pay off.

Brecksville speech language pathologist Jaclyn McClymont

Therapy and Wellness Connection Founding

Owner and Founder Jaclyn McClymont (MA CCC-SLP), launched Therapy and Wellness Connection 2014, driven to create a place where children with disabilities could receive or  most their therapy, education and recreation services. Although some facilities are now starting to mirror that same holistic model, at the time, McClymont was one of the first. Therapy & Wellness Connection, with its clinic in Brecksville AND therapists who travel to your child, is now one of the most highly-recommended therapy providers for children with disabilities the Cleveland-Akron metro area.

Providing all this in a single locale is logistically easier for families. It also promotes an interdisciplinary approach to speech, occupational, ABA and physical therapies, ensuring every child receives the level of one-on-one attention and resources they need to succeed. (Teletherapy may also be available.) Co-treatment across disciplines leads to greater cohesion and generalization of skills. It also means we frequently catch some of the early signs for conditions like autism, ADHD, ODD that sometimes go undetected for years. The sooner the diagnosis, the sooner the treatment the better the outcomes.

When proper diagnoses are made sooner, children have a better shot at optimal success.

“Hands down, the most rewarding aspect of this work is giving kids a voice and helping them succeed in everyday life,” McClymont said. “We know so many of these kids and their families start this journey feeling overwhelmed and worrying there is just so much they can’t do - and then we help them achieve what they thought wasn’t possible. For us, that’s the definition of why we’re here."

“At every turn, we’re right beside them, teaching them the skills, giving them the tools, showing them support – and then sometimes we’ll take a step back, before they have a moment to realize it – and watch them do it themselves…

“We get to watch these children blossom.”

For more information about Cleveland pediatric speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy (ABA) and physical therapy at Therapy and Wellness Connection, Contact Us Online or call our office (330) 748-4807. Our educational services and multidisciplinary therapy are available in Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Cleveland, Akron and surrounding communities.