Therapy & Wellness Connection in Brecksville now offers teletherapy services - including speech, occupational, physical and ABA therapy - as well as online academic tutoring, functional fitness classes for our clients in Akron, Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio.

These therapies and services, which teach vital life skills, are fundamental for our clients with developmental disabilities and delays. Continuity is essential for them to be effective. Teletherapy is one way we help ensure that.

Teletherapy is the delivery of therapy services using telecommunications technology, such as a laptop, smartphone or iPad. We use only HIPAA-compliant apps so you know each session is secure.

To keep kids engaged, we utilize a number of tools, such as online games, educational programs, crafts, toys, exercises and activities. We have found in some cases, our clients are even more attentive in teletherapy because it's an opportunity to be on an electronic device. Although excessive use of electronics is not recommended for children, teletherapy is different because while most online activities deprive them of engagement, the whole point of teletherapy is interaction.

Why Teletherapy? 

Teletherapy became an imperative for all therapy clinics during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, when in-person sessions were halted in order to stop the spread of the virus. However, teletherapy has numerous benefits and advantages for patients and parents.

Teletherapy through Therapy & Wellness Connection:

  • Reduces time burdens and travel expenses for families.
  • Keeps children engaged using educational games, music, videos, toys, exercises and more.
  • Helps some children maintain attention and focus because of the electronic aspect.
  • Boosts parent education and involvement and carryover of skills at home.
  • Allows us to more easily connect with families living in more remote areas. (This aspect has been studied and established for years.)
  • Gives kids a way to continue working on essential life skills even when they can't be at our clinic or meet in-person.
  • Lowers possible exposure to illness (especially beneficial for clients who may be immunocompromised).

Our team of therapists has always prioritized meeting our clients where they are. That means that while our clinic doors are open to welcome classes, therapy sessions and social groups at our clinic, our therapists also travel to you. Working with children in a more natural setting inherently helps with carryover to those environments. This, as well as being the go-to provider for numerous therapies, education, fitness and social groups, is what has always set our clinic apart. Teletherapy allows us to continue meeting clients where they are - even when we can't actually meet.

For academics and tutoring, our certified teachers work to ensure your child receives quality education, even if they aren't physically attending school.

Our online social groups are a chance for our clients to continue to improve their social skills and see familiar faces - even from a distance. These are facilitated by our therapy team.

Our functional fitness class offers a fun, interactive way for kids to keep moving and stay connected.

Although the necessity of teletherapy and online distance learning arose during the pandemic, it's also great for other scenarios too. Sometimes, a child may have a low-grade fever or cold symptoms and shouldn't attend in-person therapies, classes and groups - but they can still participate virtually.

Our teletherapy, schooling and tutoring is covered by numerous insurance plans. Competitive self-pay options are also available.

What Parents Say About Teletherapy

Parent feedback on teletherapy sessions so far has been very positive. Many report the process allows them to better understand the strategies we use to help our clients achieve their specific therapy goals.

They can listen in, watch nearby and in some cases even participate to help make the therapy effective. It's a chance for them to learn how we teach their children to communicate, practice fine and gross motor skills, work certain muscle groups, learn life skills and attend to certain tasks like homework.

For more information about Therapy & Wellness Connection's teletherapy services for speech, OT, PT and ABA, as well as our education programs, functional fitness classes and social groups, Contact Us Online or call us at (330) 748-4807.