Brecksville therapeutic day school for kids with special needs IEP

Brecksville Therapeutic Day School: A Lifeline for Kids Who Learn Differently

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | March 19, 2024

Kids aren’t carbon copies of each other. All have their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique ways of thinking and learning. So why would we teach them all the same way and expect them all to thrive equally…

Cleveland pediatric occupational therapists childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity and How Pediatric Occupational Therapists Can Help

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | March 15, 2024

Kids with disabilities are at increased risk for a number of health hazards – including childhood obesity. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reports nearly 23% of kids with disabilities are obese compared to 16% of kids without disabilities.…

Cleveland ABA therapist summer safety tips kids with special needs

Cleveland ABA Therapist Summer Safety Tips for Kids With Special Needs

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | March 8, 2024

Spring has sprung! The weather is getting warmer. Here in Northeast Ohio, everyone is eager to squeeze every last drop of sunshine from each day. But it’s not time to relax safety standards – especially if you’re a parent of…

Akron speech therapist for kids

New to Speech Therapy? 6 Questions for Your Child’s Akron Speech Therapist

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | March 4, 2024

Is your child brand new to speech therapy? Everyone starts somewhere. Here, we offer 6 questions to ask your child’s Akron speech therapist to give you a better understanding of what’s next and how you can best support your child’s…

Cleveland ABA therapy providers

Tips for Finding High-Quality Cleveland ABA Therapy Providers

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | February 14, 2024

Parenting a child with autism means constantly being on the lookout for ways to best support your child’s needs, improve their ability to communicate and be independent, and ensure they get as much out of life as everyone else. For…

Akron occupational therapy for kids

Why Self-Regulation is a Top Goal in Akron Occupational Therapy for Kids

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | February 14, 2024

If your child is recommended for Akron occupational therapy services, you may at some point hear the phrase “self-regulation.” It’s often a pivotal goal for many of the children with whom we work on a daily basis. It’s a skill…

expressive and receptive language delay

Ohio Study Links Chemicals to Kids’ Expressive and Receptive Language Delay

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | February 10, 2024

Despite how they may act sometimes, your child probably isn’t allergic to cleaning. However, there is evidence that exposure to some kinds of household cleaning chemicals when they’re very young may be linked to expressive and receptive language delay. A…

Brecksville SLP talks kids' hearing loss

Brecksville SLP Urges Parents to Proactively Protect Kids’ Hearing

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | February 5, 2024

As a Brecksville SLP (speech-language pathologist), I recognize it can be easy to disregard the possibility of hearing loss as a sad fact of getting older. However, what we’re seeing is that hearing loss – in particular noise-induced hearing loss…

occupational therapy groups

Could Your Kid Benefit From Occupational Therapy Groups?

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | January 5, 2024

Whether your child has been receiving occupational therapy services for a while or they’re brand new to OT, parents may be wondering how they can reinforce the skills their kids are learning. Our Brecksville occupational therapy groups are a great…

Cleveland feeding & swallowing therapy

Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Therapy Helps Kids Thrive

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | January 5, 2024

“Food is life.” When a child has trouble eating healthy or properly, it’s a problem with the potential to impact their health, learning, and social connections. If your child is struggling with eating and swallowing, Cleveland feeding & swallowing therapy…