Akron tutors special education

We Provide Akron Tutors and Homeschool Help for Kids With Special Needs

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | August 11, 2022

Our Akron tutors know that no two students learn the exact same way. Yet classroom instruction across Ohio is largely uniform and rigid. That can lead a lot of headaches and heartaches – especially if a child has disabilities, developmental…

Cleveland ABA therapists teach kids hygiene skills

How Our Cleveland ABA Therapists Teach Kids With Autism Personal Hygiene Skills

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | August 11, 2022

Most kids struggle at first with independently maintaining good personal hygiene. Kids on the autism spectrum may have a tougher time with it than most. Our Cleveland ABA therapists can help. It’s important to understand why kids on the spectrum…

Cleveland feeding & swallowing therapy

Early Intervention Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Therapy Boosts Long-Term Prognosis

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | August 11, 2022

Children with feeding and swallowing disorders are at high risk for substantial health, learning, and social challenges. But when treated early with Cleveland feeding & swallowing therapy in a speech therapy clinic, kids can overcome their unique difficulties and go…

Akron speech therapists learning disabilities

How Akron Speech Therapists Can Help Kids With Learning Disabilities

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | August 4, 2022

Learning disabilities are disorders that impact one’s ability to: Understand or use spoken or written language. Complete mathematical calculations and equations. Coordinate movements. Direct attention. Engage in higher-level skills like time planning, abstract reasoning, organization, and long/short-term memory. The term…

Cleveland ABA therapists

Stimming with Autism: FAQ With Our Cleveland ABA Therapists

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | July 24, 2022

Our Cleveland ABA therapists are far from the only ones who are well-informed on the fact that restricted interests and repetitive behaviors are among the primary criteria for defining autism in diagnostic criteria. What is less common knowledge, however, is…

Ohio kindergarten readiness

Ohio Kindergarten Readiness Skills: Is Your Child Developmentally Ready?

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | July 20, 2022

Kindergarten is the new first grade. At least that’s been the conclusion after research the last few years into Ohio kindergarten readiness and standard developmental milestones that public schools expect kids to have by the time they start school. Our…

Cleveland occupational therapists

How Cleveland Occupational Therapists Treat Tactile Defensiveness in Kids

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | July 16, 2022

Tactile defensiveness is a term used by our Cleveland occupational therapists to describe hypersensitivity to touch. Those who experience tactile defensiveness say they’re more bothered than others by different textures on their skin. This may extend to different textures of…

Akron speech therapy

Akron Speech Therapy Treatment for Tongue Thrust

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | July 10, 2022

Kids can encounter all kinds of unique challenges when they’re learning to speak and understand what’s being spoken to them. One impediment to typical speech development is tongue thrust, which occurs when the tongue rests at a forward position of…

Cleveland ABA therapy

Finding the Function of Behavior: Cleveland ABA Therapy Insight

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | June 14, 2022

When it comes to the science of behavior, the first question our Cleveland ABA therapy team wants to have answered is: Why? Every behavior has a function. It is finding out the function of behavior that allows us to formulate…

Akron occupational therapists

7 Summer Activity Ideas From Our Akron Occupational Therapists

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | June 14, 2022

As Akron occupational therapists, we’re frequently working on things like handwriting, self-regulation, and executive functioning. But summertime play is a veritable goldmine of sensory activities that can help boost a child’s development. We’ve put together a list of summer occupational…