The Value of Early Intervention

Early intervention therapy is critical for children with special needs, delays and disorders. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends screening of all children 18-to-24-months for potential red flags, in the hopes at-risk youth can start early intervention therapy as soon as possible. Child development experts agree children with disabilities, delays and learning impairments have the best long-term outcomes when they receive therapy from a young age.

In these cases, doctors and therapists will recommend a combination of several habilitative therapies and services (those designed to assist in acquiring, improving and retaining functional skills, rather than regaining those lost).

If your child has been receiving SP, OT, PT and/or ABA at another therapy center for an extended time without notable progress, it may be worth exploring a new approach. Parents have come to us from elsewhere after years of stagnation, relieved to discover we are “the missing piece” that made it all come together for their child.

Our People

All speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, ABA therapists, physical therapists, assistants and technicians at Therapy and Wellness Connection meet state and federal requirements for

  • Education
  • Board-licensing/certification
  • Background checks

Most have years of experience in direct-patient care, often with children. Each has proven their commitment to helping children and young adults clear their biggest hurdles.

Everyone on the clinical therapy team brings their own unique strengths and valuable experience. We’ll work to pair you with the professionals best-equipped to provide your child with the most effective treatment. Because of our collaborative therapy model, if ever issues arise, you’ll have the benefit of a whole team ready to spring into action, formulate a rapid responses and map out long-term solutions.

Never be afraid to speak up, get involved or ask questions!

Parents are among our greatest assets at Therapy and Wellness Connection. YOU know your child best! We invite parents to attend therapy sessions, field trips and any other aspect of our therapy services in which they have interest or questions.

At Therapy and Wellness Connection, we see people, not impediments. We’re honored by those who have chosen us to help connect them to a life without limitations.