Summer Camp

Children of all ages and abilities are welcome at our inclusive, therapist-led Thrive Summer Camp in Brecksville. Fun weekly themes, regular field trips and special guests keep kids engaged & offer ample opportunity to play, move, explore, create and connect. Campers with special needs have the benefit of therapist supervision and involvement, promoting greater generalization of therapy goals like improved communication, independence and social skills. Typically-developing kids learn the inestimable value of inclusive friendships. We also welcome siblings, either as fellow campers or helpers!

Thrive Summer Camp generally runs from the first week of June to the third week of August (the full stretch of summer break, except holidays) and offers:

  • Minimum two therapists from multiple disciplines always present.
  • High therapist-to-student ratios (ensuring children are safe and get the most from the experience).
  • Real-world outings (horse farms, zoos, science centers, Cleveland Metroparks, etc.).
  • Opportunities for inclusion of typically-developing siblings, friends, relatives - and anyone else who wants to be a part of this popular program!
  • Sibling and family-member volunteer helpers.

Thrive Summer Camp is a special chance for all children to experience new things, make a few friends, learn critical skills in real-world settings and hopefully glean some lifelong fond memories.

Some of our weekly themes have included:

  • Carnival
  • Space
  • Nature
  • Grow
  • Glow
  • Around the World
  • Under the Sea
  • Farm Life
  • Water Week Fun

Children of ALL abilities are Welcome at Thrive Summer Camp!

The benefits of an inclusive summer camp are well-established. These include:

  • Typically-developing kids learn understanding, tolerance and the value of inclusive friendships.
  • Children with social/language/behavioral deficits get practice interacting with peers, following directions and establishing & respecting personal boundaries.
  • Everyone gets to have a blast and discover new things daily – together!

Kids can join us for a single week, series of weeks or for the entire summer!

If you are interested in learning more about Thrive Summer Camp, our team can help answer your questions.

Check back for the next session's summer camp registration forms.

Contact Us Online or call our office (330) 748-4807 to ensure we have received your registration. Thrive Summer Camp through Therapy and Wellness Connection welcomes kids from Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Cleveland, Akron and surrounding communities throughout Northeast Ohio.