Therapy and Wellness Connection provides therapy groups and social education for young adults, teens and children with disabilities in Northeast Ohio. From our Brecksville therapy clinic, our team of therapists, intervention specialists and education professionals facilitate group therapy and social education courses to promote successful socialization, independent function and learning.

The focus and curriculum of each course crafted by therapists with Therapy and Wellness Connection. Goals range from assistance with reading and handwriting to learning how to stay safe and read social cues when interacting online.

Courses are designed to give every child the right tools, support and opportunities for practical application of skills learned in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and ABA therapy.

Group therapy is a great way to help children generalize skills like:

  • Conversational rules (i.e., introducing a topic, staying on topic, maintaining eye contact, asking questions, generating appropriate responses).
  • Appropriately using and determining body language (i.e., respecting personal space, controlling your own body).
  • Grasping non-literal concepts and language (i.e., metaphors, indirect language, similes and idioms).
  • Improved problem-solving (i.e., identifying problems and workable solutions).
  • Managing, expressing and interpreting emotions.
  • Social role-playing and developing empathy.
  • Understanding rules (i.e., for specific locations, spoken and unspoken, rules for emergencies, etc.)
  • Following directions.

All this is targeted in one-on-one therapy sessions too, but we’ve learned peers are excellent motivators. Groups and social courses offer another therapy touch point to help bridge the gap between individual speech, occupational, physical and behavior therapy and real-world utilization.

Therapy and Wellness Connection Therapy Groups

Therapy Groups at Day Programs include:

  • Literacy & Language – Language & Literacy group therapy is perfect for children with speech and language diagnoses, those preparing for kindergarten and individuals struggling with reading and writing skills. Language & Literacy group therapy focuses on improvement of each child’s vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, phonological awareness and behavior in following directions.
  • Say-n-Play – The Say-n-Play group therapy focuses on group activities and social interactions with crafts, books, songs, games and more to help children learn how to produce speech sounds, follow directions and engage in a group setting.
  • OT Group – The OT Group is a form of group occupational therapy that focuses on sensory tools, “zones of regulation,” social interaction and vocational skills, such as cooking. We also plan fun community outings, games, projects and more.

Children who participate in therapy group sessions – in addition to private speech, occupational, physical and behavior therapies – tend to have better outcomes when they’re tested in the classroom, on the playground and in other everyday settings.

Thrive Social Center Courses

We’ve teamed with Thrive Social Center to offer a series of specialized, single-session social courses at our Therapy and Wellness Connection Brecksville therapy clinic. The goal is to help older children, teens and young adults navigate the more complex social situations they’re likely to encounter.

Each course is categorized by age (catering to every group from toddler to young adult), unique interests and areas of challenge. The goal is maximum function and independence in all aspects of life.

Thrive Social Center Courses include:

  • Building Friendships Through Play (greetings, joining in, asking someone to play, cooperating, functional play).
  • Getting Along With Friends (meeting, making and keeping friends).
  • Moving on With Friends (problem-solving, perspective-taking, bullies, unwritten rules of friendship).
  • Formulas for Social Success (skills and motivations necessary to make good impressions, establish a positive reputation, recognize what others thing and respect authority).
  • Self-Advocacy and Self-Management (socially appropriate behavior, listening skills, conversation repair strategies, reputation and being assertive).
  • Social Boundaries (dramatic changes in social and behavioral success, self-management, perspective taking and critically important social rules and expectations).
  • Tweens/ Teens and Tame Technology (appropriate boundaries and expectations for safe, healthy online friendships and relationships).
  • Young Adults Group (personal and social issues in a group therapy format addressing self-reflection, goal-setting and other tools necessary to be independent and maintain positive relationships).
  • Functional Reading (assist readers of all ages and levels in improving their reading comprehension for school, work and enjoyment).

Our day programs and social courses are updated occasionally, so check in with our staff at Therapy and Wellness Connection for information on new offerings and those that may best fit the needs of your child or loved one.

For more information about Cleveland pediatric speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy (ABA) and physical therapy at Therapy and Wellness Connection, Contact Us Online or call our office (330) 748-4807. Our educational services and multidisciplinary therapy are available in Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Cleveland, Akron and surrounding communities.