Therapy and Wellness Connection ice cream fundraiser

Eat Ice Cream, Help TWC

Therapy and Wellness Connection is excited to be hosting an upcoming “spirit night” at Handel’s in Broadview Heights! Thursday July 20th from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Handel’s in Broadview Heights – come enjoy the best ice cream in town – and support TWC while you’re at it! 🍦

The franchise has generously agreed to donate 20 percent of the proceeds earned from flyer holders to our pediatric therapy clinic. To participate, you MUST present the flier – digital post or paper – at the time of purchase. (If you just show up & order ice cream without presenting the flier/online post, those sales won’t be counted in the total proceeds for donation.)

Offer is valid solely at Handel’s Ice Cream in Broadview Heights, 103 E. Royalton Road.