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Ohio Virtual School, Homeschool, Tutoring Options at Therapy & Wellness Connection

It’s nearing the end of July, COVID-19 cases are climbing in 39 states and the plan to reopen schools varies wildly from one state – one district – to another. At Therapy & Wellness Connection, we want to make sure families in the greater Northeast Ohio community to know that we offer a number of Ohio virtual school, home school and tutoring options for children of all ages and abilities.

We recognize that for many of our kids, in-person education, therapy and other services are vital to their success. We understand too that while most parents are eager for their kids to return to school, they also want assurance that it will be safe. The prospect of managing your child’s education online is something that is understandably overwhelming to so many families.

Our team at Therapy & Wellness Connection has offered a host of home school, alternative school and tutoring programs at our Brecksville clinic for years. But now, we have adapted this model to welcome more students through online platforms. We understand not all children learn the same way, and many are going to face significant challenges by transitioning to an online platform.

We are prepared to help students, their parents and their families navigate the challenges of remote learning while promoting academic success and keeping them healthy.

Ohio’s Plan for Re-Opening Schools

The plan to reopen schools in Ohio is a mixed bag. Gov. Mike DeWine indicated that students and staff will need to maintain a six-foot distance when possible, staffers will need to wear face masks or shields and every school needs to develop a plan for face covering, though not every child will be required to wear one (though it will be “strongly encouraged” for third-graders and up).

Anyone – student, staff or volunteer – who displays COVID-19 symptoms or has a temperature that’s 100 degrees or higher will immediately be separated, don a face masks and be monitored by a PPE-wearing staffer. It will be reported to the local health department. Hand sanitizer will have to be placed at entrances to buildings and in classrooms and in high-traffic areas. Schools are also encouraged to increase hand washing and sanitizing opportunities.

The statewide guidelines give individual school districts a starting point. Each district is formulating their own plan.
  • Akron. Everyone in a school building will be required to wear a mask, though an online-only option is being offered. All will be required to maintain 6 feet of distance. Buses will only hold two students to a seat (instead of three). Some students will stay home every day while others will be on a staggered schedule. Preschool students would only attend half-days. Students in grades K-2 would come every day, all day. Students in grades 3-8 will attend school two days a week and stay home the other three. They will perform assignments or projects on their own for the days they are at home. On the third day, they would all sign online for a virtual learning session with their teacher. Schools are pushing back school a week, with classes starting Sept. 3rd, though the plan could be delayed until the middle of the first semester if the district decides to begin with all virtual schooling. Students with significant disabilities (mostly those typically in separate classrooms) will be allowed to attend five days weekly.
  • Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The first day for year-round students is slated to begin Aug. 24th and for traditional students on Sept. 8th. Reopening plans will be linked with county data on COVID-19 levels and color-coded risks (the lowest yellow and the highest purple). There can be no more than 25 students in a class, with 6 feet of social distancing maintained for everyone and there will be modifications to how the schools serve lunches. Some classes will be held outside and in libraries. All teachers and staff must wear face masks. There is also reportedly a hybrid learning school option the district is exploring.
Other schools may have different plans, and these are all subject to change depending on whether there are coronavirus outbreaks after they reopen.

Benefits of Ohio Virtual School, Home School and Tutoring

One of the major issues for many parents in deciding whether to physically send their kids back to school or opt for a Northeast Ohio virtual school, home school or tutoring option is: Uncertainty. In-person sessions could be abruptly halted if an outbreak occurs, which would leave parents scrambling at the last minute to work out child care, in-home learning, etc.
By starting out with our Ohio virtual school or home school at Therapy and Wellness Connection, you have the benefit of working directly with qualified teachers committed to teaching your child in the way they learn – and doing so from a distance that keeps everyone safe. Our educational programs will leave parents with few surprises.
Our tutoring services are available for kids of all ages and abilities involves children and teens receiving one-on-one, individualized help with their schoolwork. Our tutors are certified in the Wilson Language Training program, which involves using multi-sensory reading and learning tools for children with all types of disabilities, delays and challenges.
Our Ohio virtual school, home school and tutoring services are overseen by intervention specialists who are involved in creating curricula for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).
We also offer the help of reading specialists and a curriculum that focuses heavily on reading, math and handwriting.
Our home school and alternative education courses are being held in-clinic from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Our class sizes are already smaller than the average Northeast Ohio classroom, but we will nonetheless be practicing social distancing and extra sanitizing. We also have expanded virtual options for parents who want to explore a remote option.

If you are interested in learning more about these additional services from Therapy and Wellness Connection in the Greater Cleveland-Akron area, connect with us today! Call our offices at (330) 748-4807 for more information.

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