Teletherapy Now Available From Therapy and Wellness Connection

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most pediatric therapy centers in Northeast Ohio and throughout the country are closing their doors to limit the spread of infection. Therapy and Wellness Connection in Brecksville has decided to do the same – but we haven’t stopped offering therapy. Instead, we have responded by launching a teletherapy department to assist all patients in all practice areas, including speech, occupational, behavior and physical therapy. We’re also offering distance learning and academic tutoring as well as virtual functional fitness.

“These services are extremely important to these children,” said Therapy and Wellness Connection Founder Jaclyn McClymont. “We have a responsibility to ensure the children stay safe and help reduce the rapid spread of infection, but also continue to offer therapy and educational services.”

Therapy and Wellness Connection is working to quickly on-board this technology and adapt each of our sessions for our families.

The same conditions that can be treated in the clinic can be treated effectively via teletherapy while we practice the “social distancing” recommended by public health officials. The therapy we’re offering isn’t different, just the mode of delivery.

The technology we’re using to carry out these sessions is free, HIPPA-compliant, easy to download and can be done on a laptop, smartphone, iPad or other electronic communication device. It’s similar to a FaceTime call. Parents are sent a meeting code, the therapist comes up on the screen and the session starts. Therapists can use worksheets, games and other activities to work on the child’s therapy goals, just as they would in any other session.

While too much screen time is a concern for some parents, it’s important to note that while many apps and games deprive users of social interaction, engagement is in fact the whole point of teletherapy.

There is research showing teletherapy can be especially beneficial for kids who are immunocompromised, as well as those who live in more rural areas where there are fewer therapists.

But now, with the CDC instructing all of us to keep our distance from each other, teletherapy has become a necessity.

“We’re committed to offering our patients the same level of care, therapy and educational services we always have to the greatest extent we can under the circumstances,” McClymont said. “These are difficult and uncertain times, but we are in this together, and we will find the best way forward.”

Therapy & Wellness Connection – your connection to a life without limitations – provides distance learning, online academic tutoring, virtual functional fitness and speech, occupational, physical and behavior therapy for children in Akron, Brecksville-Broadview Heights and Cleveland. Call us at (330) 748-4807 or send us an email