Cleveland, Ohio is the largest city in proximity to Therapy and Wellness Connection’s pediatric therapy and special services center. Situated on the southern shore of Lake Erie at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, the Greater Cleveland Area has more than 2 million residents, while the city proper has about 400,000. It’s a diverse and dynamic community, rich with science, history and cultural centers, interesting architecture, national treasures, excellence in education, ingenuity in medicine and many amazing chances for our clients to explore it all.

One of primary advantages of Therapy and Wellness Connection – what truly sets us apart from other Cleveland pediatric therapy providers – is the encouragement of real-world engagement.

Our therapy services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA therapy and physical therapy) are held wherever it’s going to have the greatest impact – whether that’s in our fully-equipped Brecksville clinic, some 20 minutes away from downtown Cleveland – or in your Cleveland home, school or workplace.

We believe in opening the door to a life without limitations. Our clients deserve as much opportunity as everyone else to connect with their community and enjoy all that Cleveland has to offer. Therapy and Wellness Connection makes it possible.

Among the adventures on which we’ve taken our clients and campers:

Cleveland Speech, Occupational, Physical and ABA Therapy is More Effective Beyond Four Walls

Whereas many Cleveland pediatric therapy clinics provide services strictly in-office, we believe functional application of the skills learned in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and ABA therapy means we MUST venture out with our clients into the real world.

Some parents express surprise, concern or an occasional, “that’s brave” when we explain the types of recreational activities and field trips we arrange for children in our programs, typically through either Thrive Summer Camp or as part of individual therapy or therapy groups.

We explain first and foremost, participants’ safety is always No. 1, which is why we always arrange a very high therapist-to-patient and volunteer-to-child ratio. We make sure we have enough “hands-on-deck.”

The second is that it’s just as important for children with special needs to explore the world around them as it is for anyone else. Yes, sometimes doing so requires more planning and preparation. Not everyone may get the same thing from each experience – but that’s true for everyone. No matter what, we know our clients are getting opportunities to work on socialization, communication and behavior skills.

We also firmly believe that when Therapy and Wellness Connection clients engage directly with their community in the course of safe, supervised outings, everyone else enjoying the same space benefits too. These connections can chip away at the stigma, isolation and misunderstandings that sometimes punctuates the lives of people with disabilities.

Our Cleveland pediatric therapists look forward to walking your child through each new experience, discovery and milestone.