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3 Things to Know if You’re Thinking About Akron Speech Therapy for Your Child

If you’re considering having your child evaluated for Akron speech therapy, it’s likely you’ve noted a speech delay or your child has been diagnosed with a condition associated with speech delay or disorder. You may have done a fair amount of research on your own already, but there are a few key things to keep in mind as you approach your first evaluation and/or speech therapy session.

No. 1 It’s a good idea to discuss expectations with your child’s speech therapist. 

Speech therapy is pretty amazing (in our opinion) in terms of what it can help children with delays and disabilities overcome and accomplish. That said, it is not a Band-Aid or a quick fix. You should talk with your child’s speech therapist about what exactly you can expect in each session and how you can be reinforcing the lessons at home. Discuss the goals of your child’s plan-of-care and the reasonable timeline that is set for meeting those goals.

Recognize too that every child is different; what takes one child a few months to master may take another a year or longer to grasp. Some require varying approaches. We’ll just keep working on it day after day, week after week, and month after month until we’re there.

Lots of our sessions will look a lot like we’re just playing, but in fact, we’re incorporating well-established speech-language strategies into each interaction as we help the child meet their goals. As noted by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), play-based therapy is one of the most effective ways to capture a child’s attention and make memories that are going to “stick” beyond our sessions. When a child has fun – they remember it! This helps them learn and retain the skills we’re trying to teach.

No. 2 We want you to be involved! 

Effective Akron speech therapy is something that will require consistency over the course of treatment. That means not only ensuring you attend all scheduled appointments, but that we have yours and your child’s active participation in the process. In order for Akron speech therapy to be effective, we need parents to practice the principals we’re working on at home.

Repetition, consistency, and positive reinforcement make a big difference in the rate at which your child achieves his or her goals and to what extent. Research has shown time and again that parent involvement in speech therapy goals helps with improved carryover of the skills we’re teaching. Talk to your speech therapists to see if they have hand-outs or suggestions on activities or other ways to incorporate speech practice into your everyday routine.

No. 3 Your health insurance may cover your child’s speech therapy. 

Insurance coverage for pediatric speech therapy in Akron will depend on what kind of insurance you have, your child’s condition (if one has been diagnosed), and what your child’s therapy goals are. You may consult with your insurer to see what they cover, but we can also submit claims for pre-authorization to determine if your child’s treatment will be covered. It may be that only some of the sessions are covered. At Therapy & Wellness Connection, we do also offer competitive self-pay options for situations when speech therapy is not covered by your insurer. If it’s expected your child is going to need extensive treatment, we can also help direct you to other plans or carriers with which you might have better luck.

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