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Deaf Children Still Need Speech Therapy – Even With Cochlear Implants

Hearing loss can profoundly impact a child’s development of speech, language and social skills. The sooner a child who is hard-of-hearing or deaf begins receiving services, the more likely they are to reach their maximum potential. Speech therapy is one of the key services deaf children need – even if they receive cochlear implants.

September is International Deaf Awareness Month, and it’s important to address some misconceptions that might result in unnecessary long-term challenges for children who are deaf.

Speech-language pathologists at Therapy and Wellness Connection know that when these issues aren’t addressed early on, children may arrive at school behind on their language and reasoning skills. A cochlear implant can dramatically help children with hearing loss – but that isn’t where treatment should stop.

Akron speech therapy

Speech Therapy Tips to Make the Most of Reading With Your Child

The gift of reading is one that keeps on giving. It sparks imagination, expands vocabulary, develops comprehension and listening skills – all things that help children excel in academics. Our Akron speech therapy team recognizes too that reading is key in speech and language development for children.

The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) reports kids with communication challenges have a higher likelihood of difficulty with reading and writing. In turn, this will impact their school performance, social development and self expression.

Parents can play an active role in helping bolster their child’s reading skills. Researchers at The Ohio State University discovered that if children are read just one book daily, they will hear nearly 300,000 more words by the time they get to kindergarten.

Children who are read to from infancy will start to develop these skills sooner. When reading is a fun, bonding activity, children love it. When they love it, they choose it. When they choose it, they’re on their way to becoming better readers.