Cleveland autism employment coaching

Study: Visual Training Helps Young Adults With Autism Land Employment

A recent analysis published in the journal Autism found that online, self-guided training may be able to help job-seeking adults with autism land employment. At Therapy & Wellness Connection, we’ve offered vocational services to young adults in Cleveland with autism and other conditions.

We have seen firsthand how a little preparation can go a long way when it comes to job interviews. We also know that many people with autism are visual learners; that’s why strategies like visual schedules are so highly effective when working with kids on the spectrum.

In this new study, researchers from the University of Michigan followed dozens of participants ages 16 yo 26 on the spectrum. About one-third received the standard, school-based, pre-employment vocational services. The rest were given those plus access to a virtual training program specifically designed for kids their age. The program requires those involved to fill out an online application and go through several practice interviews with computerized hiring managers. At the end, they receive feedback from a coach on-screen. This is very similar to the vocational services our occupational therapists provide to our teen and young adult clients – not just with autism, but other conditions.