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How a Cleveland Speech Therapist Can Help Your Child With Dyslexia

An estimated 20 percent of Americans are affected by dyslexia, which represents 80-90 percent of all learning disabilities, according to The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity. It’s a wonder that we’ve only just begun to make the research progress we have over the last three decades. There is still much we are learning about it, but what we can say unequivocally is that working with a Cleveland speech therapist can help children with dyslexia overcome their learning deficits.

What is Dyslexia, Exactly? 

The most common of all neuro-cognitive disorders, dyslexia is an unexpected learning difficulty in reading for a person with the intelligence to be a much better reader. It’s mostly attributed to trouble with phonological processing (appreciating the individual sounds of spoken language), which in turn affects one’s ability to speak, write and spell. It’s a life-long condition that occurs in different degrees of severity. The exact root cause isn’t known, but there is believed to be a strong genetic component.

As speech-language pathologists (or SLPs for short), we have a great deal of knowledge and education when it comes to identifying and treating phonological issues. We play a key role in helping these kids to read – even if the trouble is only with reading and not speech (as is sometimes the case with dyslexia). Speech therapy can help a child vastly improve their phonological skills so they can better grasp how sounds blend together – which is ultimately going to help them in their reading and writing efforts, directly impacting academic success.

It should be noted that while this condition has never been about lack of trying or intelligence, many kids with dyslexia do also have some type of language learning disorder. This can be addressed by a Cleveland speech therapist as well. In fact, we play a key role in reading intervention – even if the trouble is only with reading and not speech.

Cleveland speech therapist

Questions to Ask Your Child’s New Cleveland Speech Therapist

When you have a child with speech and communication deficits, it’s important to be a selective consumer of speech therapy services. As a parent, you are your child’s top advocate, and you’re an invaluable part of the “team” that will help your child learn to effectively communicate. It’s important to find a Cleveland speech therapist who is not only qualified, but who clicks with you and connects with your child.

Speech-language pathologists, commonly referred to as “speech therapists” or “SLPs” for short, are experts in communication issues. Some speech therapists work with adults after they have lost the ability to effectively communicate, usually due to traumatic injuries or a medical condition, such as a stroke. At Therapy & Wellness Connection, we work primarily with children (though some adults too) with a variety of delays and disorders, ranging from mild articulation issues to more complex conditions like autism, down syndrome, hearing impairment, motor speech disorders and other developmental delays.

When looking for a Cleveland speech therapist, make sure you choose someone who takes the time to listen to your concerns and thoughtfully answer all your questions.