Ohio autism vocational services

Study: Access to Ohio Autism Vocational Services Key to Success

One of the reasons our services for people with autism don’t cut off at the arbitrary age of adulthood is because our Northeast Ohio speech, ABA and occupational therapists recognize that success means ongoing support. A recent study bolsters the theory behind our practice at Therapy and Wellness Connection. Researchers at Drexel University found that youths who lack access to Ohio autism vocational services have greater difficulty finding and maintaining employment – and thus achieving independence.

The university’s A.J. Drexel Autism Institute analyzed Ohio autism vocational services availability, as well as those in several other states, using data from the U.S. Department of Education to determine the extent to which disparate access impacts long-term success.

What they discovered was troubling: Despite youth with autism being eligible to receive vocational rehabilitation and the implementation of these services as early as possible proven (ideally starting in secondary school) to boost long-term independence, the likelihood of actually receiving those services varied widely from state-to-state.

Availability of Autism Vocational Services Widely Disparate