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Why Our Pediatric Brecksville Speech Therapists Use Crafts in Sessions

Our pediatric Brecksville speech therapists LOVE using crafts in sessions with kids. Our tables and desks are often packed with stickers and glitter and papery and clay and cotton balls. There’s a good reason for this: Crafts are an excellent communication temptation. What that means is that it motivates kids to engage – to express themselves and to understand what is being expressed to them. These are referred to as expressive and receptive language skills.

Kids enjoy crafting because it’s fun. Go to any preschool or child education center, and you will spot the crafts within two seconds. That’s because teachers have long recognized that arts and crafts activities are not just key to development of visual motor processing and fine motor skills. They compel kids to talk and help the lessons “stick” like glitter glue.

Our Brecksville speech therapists recognize that crafts are incredibly effective at language development because they necessitate a basic understanding of concepts and helps with practicing of:

  • Answering/asking “wh” questions
  • Sequencing
  • Vocabulary (nouns, verbs and basic concepts)
  • Articulation skills
  • Voice/fluency skills
  • Following directions
  • Social/pragmatic skills (taking turns, eye contact, requesting, etc.)

Crafts are also a great way for parents to practice with their child on certain speech therapy goals. Doing this just takes incorporating a few speech therapy strategies into your crafting time.