swim lessons for kids with autism

Why Swim Lessons for Kids With Autism Are Crucial – Akron ABA Therapist Insight

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | May 10, 2023

Summer is just around the corner here in Northeast Ohio, and many parents are making plans for the summer. Kids will have greater access to swimming pools, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water as they enjoy summer fun. Learning…

practice pre-writing skills at home with our pediatric occupational therapy tips

Occupational Therapy Tips to Practice Pre-Writing Skills at Home

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | May 10, 2023

Practicing pre-writing skills at home is highly beneficial from an occupational therapy perspective. As our Akron occupational therapists can explain, the more you practice at home, the faster your child will have a firm grasp on key developmental milestones, such…

child emotional regulation tools

Why Our Akron OTs Prioritize A Child’s Emotional Regulation Skills

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | May 8, 2023

When it comes to child emotional regulation skills, our occupational therapy team has some great tools that parents can employ to help their kids better manage their emotional responses to everyday occurrences. Emotional regulation for kids refers to the ability…

toddler speech milestones 18 months

Speech Milestones for 18-Month-Olds – From Akron Speech Therapists

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | May 1, 2023

Is your toddler’s talking (or lack thereof) concerning you? Is it possible they aren’t reaching the speech milestones they should at 18 months? Our Akron speech therapists always advise parents to always seek professional input if they have concerns. If…

self-calming strategies for kids from Akron occupational therapists

Top Self-Calming Strategies for Kids From Akron Occupational Therapists

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | April 22, 2023

Everyone has big emotions from time-to-time. Children are no exception. Learning how to self-calm is an important life skill. It’s tough for a lot of adults, let alone children – and especially those with developmental delays and disabilities. Here, our…

Bedtime story is a good opportunity for speech therapy practice

At-Home Speech Therapy Practice During Bedtime Story Routine

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | April 18, 2023

If your child is struggling with speech and language skills, incorporating speech therapy practice can be as easy as approaching your bedtime story routine with a bit more strategy and intention. It doesn’t have to take any more of your…

regular speech therapy attendance is important for a child's success

Consistency is Key: Why Regular Speech Therapy Attendance is So Critical to Your Child’s Success

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | April 14, 2023

When it comes to speech therapy attendance, consistency really is essential. This is true no matter what the child’s condition or severity level. As our Cleveland speech therapists can explain, while no two children may have the exact same needs…

toddler hand flapping concern

“Should I Be Concerned About My Toddler’s Hand Flapping?”

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | April 6, 2023

Hand flapping is perhaps one of the most commonly known “stims” engaged in by children with autism spectrum disorder. So it’s understandable that a parent who sees their toddler flapping their hands will be concerned. However, as our Akron ABA…

Brecksville speech therapists

Brecksville Speech Therapists Weigh In on “Late Talkers”: Do They Grow Out of It?

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | March 23, 2023

If you’re child is a late talker, maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “He’s just a late bloomer.” You might have even been told not to worry, as they’ll grow out of it. Our Brecksville speech therapists disagree with this advice,…

Cleveland speech therapists

How Cleveland Speech Therapists Contribute to Child Autism Treatment

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | March 18, 2023

A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics revealed autism rates in the U.S. have tripled in the last two decades. There is some debate about whether this means the condition is becoming more common or whether we’re just better…