Cleveland ABA Therapy - a Parent's Guide

A Parent’s Guide to ABA Therapy

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | January 5, 2024
pediatric speech therapy in Cleveland

Why Pediatric Speech Therapy Demand is WAY Up

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | January 5, 2024

If you have sought pediatric speech therapy in Cleveland over the last two years, you’ve likely been confronted with a noticeable spike in delays for specialist appointments and therapy services. While child Northeast Ohio speech therapy clinics like Therapy &…

A Present With a Purpose: Give the Gift of Pediatric Therapy to NE Ohio Kids With Disabilities

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 14, 2023

Making Futures Merry & Bright: Your donation gives Northeast Ohio children with disabilities access to critical life skill therapy services that help them communicate, learn, grow, and gain independence. A Present With a Purpose fundraiser is spearheaded by the recently-founded 501(c)3…

hiring billing specialist Brecksville, Ohio

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | October 26, 2023
baby speech-language development delays with excess screen time

Study: Baby Speech-Language Development Delay & Screen Time Linked

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | August 21, 2023

A recent study found that babies’ speech-language development and problem-solving skills were noticeably delayed when they were exposed to hours of screen time daily. Research published in The Journal of the American Medical Association of Pediatrics revealed 1-year-olds exposed to…

parent mediated occupational therapy for kids Akron

Effectiveness of Parent-Mediated Occupational Therapy for Kids

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | August 19, 2023

When it comes to the success of occupational therapy for kids, the importance of parent engagement cannot be overstated. Our Akron occupational therapists may only see your child for a handful of hours a week – but you’re there all…

Akron occupational therapy for kids uses evidence-based practice

Akron Occupational Therapy for Kids Is an Evidence-Based Practice

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | August 9, 2023

If you were to peek into therapy sessions at our clinic, it might look like we’re “just playing.” But at Therapy & Wellness Connection, our Akron occupational therapy for kids is an evidence-based practice. For those unfamiliar with this terminology,…

Cleveland occupational therapists help treat kids with ADHD

Cleveland Occupational Therapists Can Help Kids With ADHD Improve Attention, Reduce Hyperactivity

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | July 15, 2023

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) struggle with the key life skills of paying attention and maintaining a measure of stillness for certain stretches. (Exactly how long their attention span and/or capacity for keeping a calm body depends on…

Therapy and Wellness Connection ice cream fundraiser

Eat Ice Cream, Help TWC

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | July 13, 2023

Therapy and Wellness Connection is excited to be hosting an upcoming “spirit night” at Handel’s in Broadview Heights! Thursday July 20th from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Handel’s in Broadview Heights – come enjoy the best ice cream in…

Cleveland pediatric speech therapists treat language delays

Cleveland Pediatric Speech Therapists Detail Top Language Delay Causes

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | July 6, 2023

As experienced Cleveland pediatric speech therapists, a significant number of our patients are children with language delays. Here, we discuss some of the root causes of language delays among children, and also how we treat them. To start, it’s important…