Akron ABA therapy

What Makes Akron ABA Therapy Effective for Kids With Autism?

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | January 19, 2023

Providers of Akron ABA therapy understand well why it’s considered the gold standard for treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (as well as a few other conditions like Down syndrome). But there are many schools of thought when it…

Akron child speech delays

Speech Delays Higher Among Ohio Kids Whose Early Years Were During Pandemic

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | January 10, 2023

Kids in Ohio (and across the world) who were born or spent some of their earliest years as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe are now showing signs of developmental delays. In particular, researchers are noting higher rates of communication…

tactile defensiveness

Tactile Defensiveness Treatment From Our Akron Occupational Therapists

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | December 29, 2022

Tactile defensiveness, sometimes referred to as touch sensitivity, is a type of sensory processing disorder that involves a hypersensitivity to touch. Kids with tactile defensiveness may be extremely uncomfortable with certain sensations that others may not give a second thought:…

Cleveland ABA therapy

How Long Will My Child Need to Be in Cleveland ABA Therapy?

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | December 23, 2022

No two children on the autism spectrum are the same, In turn, the methods, intensity, and duration of the Cleveland ABA therapy they receive will be specifically tailored to the individual. That said, we know many parents want to know…

Akron ABA therapist

Akron ABA Therapist on Responding to Difficult Behaviors of Child With Autism

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | December 17, 2022

One of the most significant challenges for parents of a child with autism is concern for their child’s well-being when difficult behaviors that are aggressive, self-injurious or socially isolating. As an Akron ABA therapist can explain, there is no one-size-fits-all…

preschool language disorders Cleveland

How Cleveland Speech Therapists Help Treat Preschool Language Disorders

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | December 10, 2022

Most babies and toddlers will understand what is being communicated with them long before they’re able to clearly communicate back. All kids develop speech and language skills at varied paces, but some struggle more than others with understanding what is…

Brecksville ABA therapists

How Our Brecksville ABA Therapists Use Social Stories to Help Kids With Autism

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 3, 2022

Children with autism spectrum disorder often have a difficult time mastering important life skills related to social interactions, communication, and transitioning from one activity to the next. They also tend to be more visual learners, meaning they may struggle to…

Akron occupational therapy

When Should Kids Learn to Button & Zip? Akron Occupational Therapy Insight

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 3, 2022

Learning to zip, button, and use “fasteners” for dressing is a key self-care skill. Multiple times every day, we’re zipping jeans, buttoning shirts, zipping coats, buttoning pajamas, etc. We don’t expect kids to learn all this overnight, but as our…

Brecksville speech therapy

Brecksville Speech Therapy Team on Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 2, 2022

Our Brecksville speech therapy team have successfully treated many kids with social pragmatic communication disorder. It’s a condition characterized by significant challenges with both verbal and nonverbal communication used regularly in social settings. Social-communication trouble can be associated with other…

Akron speech therapist

Akron Speech Therapist Tips for That Tricky “R” Sound

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 2, 2022

“Arrgh, matey!” Did you know the R sound has as many as 32 sound type variations in the English North American accent. As any Akron speech therapists can tell you, R is one of the most commonly used sounds in…