Akron ABA therapy

Akron ABA Therapy Begins With ADOS Testing

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | June 2, 2019

If you are concerned your child might be on the autism spectrum, you are right to seek answers as soon as possible. That’s because while there is no cure for autism, the most effective treatment with the best long-term outcomes…

Brecksville ABA

Brecksville ABA Tips on Traveling With a Child Who Has Autism

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | May 8, 2019

Families across Northeast Ohio are gearing up for their summer travel plans. Although vacation is supposed to be a time of relaxation, new experiences and fun, the prospect of it can be overwhelming for families of children with autism. As…

occupational therapist Fort Myers

Cleveland Occupational Therapists: Sports Team Sensory Rooms are a Homerun for Inclusion!

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | May 8, 2019

The crowds, camaraderie, cranked up stereos and unpredictable seatmates: It’s a major part of why so many love sporting events. Conversely, it’s also the HE reason some will never set foot in these facilities – even if they love the…

Brecksville speech therapist

SLPs: Board Games Are a Winner for Autism Speech Language Therapy

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | May 8, 2019

Play is the language of childhood, which is why if you ever watch an autism speech-language therapy session, you may not even realize the speech therapist (or the child) is actually “working!”   One of our favorite tools? Board games! Board…

Brecksvill physical therapy Down Syndrome

Benefits of Akron Down Syndrome Physical Therapy

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | May 7, 2019

Raising a child with Down syndrome is full of so many unique joys and challenges. With loving parents, proper medical care and early intervention therapy (some combination of speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy, starting before age 5) many…

Cleveland Speech Therapists Can Help With Child Speech Delays, Disorders

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | April 30, 2019
Ohio autism vocational services

Study: Access to Ohio Autism Vocational Services Key to Success

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | April 28, 2019

One of the reasons our services for people with autism don’t cut off at the arbitrary age of adulthood is because our Northeast Ohio speech, ABA and occupational therapists recognize that success means ongoing support. A recent study bolsters the…

special needs Summer camp Brecksville

Children “Thrive” at Inclusive Brecksville Summer Camp: Open House 4/14

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | April 13, 2019

Every child deserves the chance to experience the magic of summer camp – and children of all abilities benefit when they can experience it together! This Sunday, April 14th, we invite families to attend our Thrive Summer Camp Open House…