Kids social communication Brecksville speech therapists

How Our Brecksville Speech Therapists Help Boost Kids’ Social Communication

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | January 5, 2022

Social communication is the way we use language in social contexts, encompassing social interaction, social cognition, pragmatics and language processing. Our Brecksville speech therapists recognize that while many of us take the “rules” of these exchanges for granted, they can…

social skills groups

How Social Skills Groups Help Children With Disabilities & Delays

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | December 16, 2021

Social skills groups can be an invaluable tool for children who are developmentally delayed or struggle with social and communication skills. It’s particularly valuable for children on the autism spectrum, but can also be pivotal for children, teens, and young…

ABA Therapy Brecksville

When Should Our Child Start ABA Therapy?

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | December 15, 2021

When your child is diagnosed with autism, there are so many unknowns. Families may feel as if they’re drowning in all the decisions with which they’re faced, compounded by the fact that few practitioners speak of long-term outcomes with any…

Brecksville occupational therapy

A Child’s “Occupation” is Play – A Brecksville Occupational Therapy Perspective

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | December 8, 2021

Those first introduced to the world of early intervention therapy are often confused as to why children would need occupational therapy. After all, kids don’t have “occupations,” right? Actually, they do! As our Brecksville occupational therapy practitioners can explain, children’s…

child developmental regression

Child Developmental Regression & What To Do About It

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | December 3, 2021

Child developmental regression is when a child loses certain developmental skills they previously acquired. It might seem as if they’re almost moving backward in their development. This is different from developmental delay, when kids reach certain milestones later than expected…

Brecksville ABA therapists Thanksgiving

Brecksville ABA Therapists’ Tips on Navigating Thanksgiving

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 6, 2021

Lots of families look forward to celebrating the holidays each year, with Thanksgiving being a particular favorite. But as our Brecksville ABA therapists understand, parents of children on the autism spectrum may be worried that such celebrations are far outside…

Brecksville homeschooling special needs

How Brecksville Homeschooling Can Benefit Kids With Special Needs

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 6, 2021

Many children with disabilities and special needs struggle with the traditional school structure. Kids with ADHD often need shorter lessons and tests that aren’t timed. Children with Down syndrome might need accommodations for reading, writing, and testing. Kids with dyslexia…

Brecksville speech therapists treat childhood aphasia

How Brecksville Speech Therapists Treat Kids With Aphasia

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 3, 2021

Our Brecksville speech therapists are skilled at treating kids with aphasia, a speech-language disorder that adversely affects a child’s ability to communicate. A child with aphasia can experience numerous speech-language difficulties, such as understanding what’s being said, coming up with…

Brecksville kids social group

Kids Ages 5-12 Social Group in Brecksville

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 1, 2021

Therapy & Wellness Connection is proud to offer Thrive Social Group sessions for school-age kids 5-12, every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. We incorporate creative play, movement & music while teaching important social skills in this therapist-led group. Our kids’ social…

Teen & Young Adult Social Group

Teen & Young Adult Social Group in Brecksville

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | November 1, 2021

Our teen & young adult social group at Therapy & Wellness Connection in Brecksville is available to teens and young adults to help with key social skills critical for navigating everyday interactions and making friends. A.I.M. is a therapist-led group…