Brecksville speech therapy

At What Age Should My Child Begin Brecksville Speech Therapy?

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | October 16, 2021

Our Brecksville speech therapy team is sometimes asked what is the ideal age for a child to begin treatment for speech-language disorder and delays. The simple answer is: As soon as possible. That said, it’s important to point out that…

Akron ABA therapy

Akron ABA Therapy Insight: Introducing a Child With Autism to New Foods

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | October 10, 2021

Some people call it “picky eating.” Others call it “selective eating” and struggling with “food aversions.” Any way you slice it, lots of kids go through it. It’s an especially significant challenge for children with sensory processing issues, as is…

Akron occupational therapists

Fun Fall Activities From Our Akron Occupational Therapists

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | October 8, 2021

Our Akron occupational therapists are big fans of autumn here in Northeast Ohio – brightly-colored leaves, brisk air, bulbous pumpkins, and crisp apple cider. Plus, there are so many ways we can incorporate season-themed activities into our OT sessions: Crafts,…

Akron speech therapy

3 Things to Know if You’re Thinking About Akron Speech Therapy for Your Child

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | October 4, 2021

If you’re considering having your child evaluated for Akron speech therapy, it’s likely you’ve noted a speech delay or your child has been diagnosed with a condition associated with speech delay or disorder. You may have done a fair amount…

Brecksville ABA therapists

How Our Brecksville ABA Therapists Teach Flexibility

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | September 17, 2021

Flexibility is the quality of bending without being easily broken. Our Brecksville ABA therapists know that for kids on the autism spectrum, being emotionally flexible is an incredibly difficult – but critical – skill for success. It’s not just kids…

Brecksville occupational therapy kids

Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | September 15, 2021

If we’re doing it right, those peering into a pediatric occupational therapy session will think it just looks like, well, playing! But those glimpses can leave a lot of people confused about what exactly occupational therapy is and why it’s…

speech & language development

How Can I Improve My Child’s Speech & Language Skills? Talk to Them – Early and Often!

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | September 10, 2021

Parents of our kids receiving Brecksville speech & language therapy sometimes ask for tips on how to boost their child’s vocabulary and communication skills. One of the best ways? Talk to your kids! A lot! Research has shown that kids…

Brecksville speech therapy

Brecksville Speech Therapy Insight: When Do Babies Learn Their Names?

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | September 2, 2021

A baby’s first-year milestones are often met with much anticipation and joy – including recognizing their own name. But what if it sees they don’t by the time they should? How much does it matter? When is it time to…

Down syndrome autism dual diagnosis

Treating Kids With Down Syndrome on the Autism Spectrum

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | August 12, 2021

When a child has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder, therapy and education approaches must be specially tailored to their needs and the way they learn. At Therapy & Wellness Connection, our speech therapists, occupational therapists,…

Brecksville ABA therapists

ABA Therapists: Helping Your Child With Autism Transition Back-to-School

By Therapy & Wellness Connection | August 12, 2021

Summer vacation has FLOWN by far too fast this year! Soon, we’re going to start seeing those bright, yellow school buses rolling through our neighborhoods as the new school year begins. Our Brecksville ABA therapists know this has been a…